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A Lot to Celebrate at Premier!

There has been a lot to celebrate around the office this past few couple months. Two of our opticians, Erik “Sean” Bonner and Stacy Belcher, have officially become licensed opticians after passing their boards!

Stacy has been a solid member of our optical team throughout the past few years. She’s always there with a friendly face and an easy-going presence that spills over to our entire staff.  Stacy chose to take her optical skills to the next level through a course with ACE (Adult and Community Education). She took the program head-on, continued working part-time and became a new mom all at the same time! It makes me tired just writing that…

Sean joined our team in August of 2016. He definitely stands out in many ways. Besides his unique ties and  suspenders, he is also a gifted salesman. When Sean joined the practice, he was completing his degree in opticianry from J Sargeant Reynolds. When he’s not honing his skills at Premier Eyecare, he’s probably at home hanging with his family by Lake Anna or in the middle of a sweet jam session!

This was no easy feat and we commend them both for their effort and are proud that they are a part of our team. Remember to congratulate them next time you come in for new frames or lenses!

On a different note, Carol Forry, our faithful bookkeeper, insurance guru, and licensed optician is now officially semi-retired (and we do stress the “semi”). Carol has been a part of the Premier Eyecare family long before most of us here at the office. For 32 years she has diligently dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s. We celebrated Carol and her years of service with about as much chocolate and Coca-Cola that you can fit on one table!

Most of our patients don’t know Carol personally, but she has been the one behind the scenes helping take care of you. She’s sat on hold with insurance companies, prepared and mailed more refund checks than one can count, spent hours on the phone with patients who have questions, and even kept our office stocked with all the supplies it needed to keep running on a daily basis.

Her contribution to our practice has been priceless. We all thank you and wish you the very best, Carol. You earned it!!

100 years of optical experience in this picture!